Udisha Srivastav: Question To Millenials: Do You Think Wearing Branded Clothes Is Healthier?

People often buy brand-name products for a variety of purposes. From having favorable experiences with the brand in the past many consumers are incredibly loyal to their favorite brands. 

What Is A Brand?

The term Brand simply refers to a unique logo, symbol, letter, term, or a variety of these, used to create an identity that defines, depicts, and differentiates a product from its opponents.

Also, it holds up with it the degree of quality and satisfaction in the mind of the user. The logo is always called a trademark and is called a logo name when it distinguishes or illustrates a product.

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Why Do We Like To Wear Branded Clothes?

Everyone loves to wear branded clothes, but why? Branded clothes always bring unbelievable integrity and satisfaction. They are far more preferable in terms of appearance and quality as opposed to non-branded clothes. Of course, for quality to become that impressive, it doesn’t come cheaply and brands charge substantial amounts for their clothing.

Contrary to non-branded clothing, branded clothes are expensive because of their compatibility level with the fabric used, procedures and finishes, packaging, and others.

In some cases, branded clothes are so expensive that rather than buying one branded cloth, we could purchase a pair or two of non-branded clothes.

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Cheap or Non-branded Clothes?

First, we must focus our attention on the word cheap. Here, the word cheap doesn’t mean that it can be accessed only by poor people. Cheap here means that the consumer, rather than going for the expensive or brand, selects the one which suits them flawlessly or we can say that the cloth is adequate for them. 

It matches them so much that the clothes which are costly due to some or other brands connected with them are dismissed by the buyer because the cheap/non-branded clothes win the individual’s comfort.

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Differences between Branded/Non-branded Clothes

We already know that price is an important aspect for inferring the branded and non-branded clothes. 

In addition to this, quality is the next important characteristic as you can be convinced of the quality of the branded clothes and can depend on them, whereas non branded clothes do not work on quality as they strive to distribute cheap clothes in the market.

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Which option to prefer?

Most fashion designers say that branded clothes and non-branded clothes are two extreme poles as they can’t be cited in terms of quality, looks, etc. 

But as human beings, we easily get tired of clothes after using them for a while. Therefore, this short-run varies oppositely for different people.  

Remember, we are not impacting on people to only purchase non-branded clothes but with this content, we are trying to shift the understanding of people connected to the branded clothes.

Summing up!

So, millennials don’t purchase a lot of stuff anymore. Instead of clogging up their home with useless garbage, these people travel, meet friends, and attend cultural events. True, you are required to expend your money not on material items, but on creating a lot of positive impressions. Material goods are far less satisfying than a game, a fun weekend, or going to a movie. 

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Udisha Srivastav is a Freelance Content Writer with Femsay.com