Udisha Srivastav: How To Dress Up At Summer Party In 5 Ways: A Quick Femsay Fashion Guide

Hey, beautiful, summer is almost on its way and lots of parties are also coming. Want to dress up uniquely and elegantly? Don’t worry Femsay got you covered!

Well, summer is the best season for parties and celebrations. From grand cocktails to classy gatherings, it’s all about getting dressed up and celebrating nice.

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5 Trendy Ways To Dress Up At Summer Party

Well, the much-awaited summer is almost here and it’s time to have some joy with dressing. From rich, vibrant colors and eye-catching digital prints to flirty and trickling designs, it’s the exact season to be bold and beautiful.

So, bid goodbye to thick jackets and unlimited black garments in your closet. Just make an amazing makeover to your wardrobe by simply following this quick guide.

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  • Game Up Your Style With Monochrome Trends

Monochrome fashion trends are the most popular styles in 2021. Dressing head to toe in a sole color may sound boring, right?  However, it is one of the simplest ways to raise your look. 

Whether it is in vibrant red or a soothed mustard yellow, a monochrome suit takes the confusion out of getting dressed. To create a monochrome dress stand out, hold to a single pattern and pair it with pieces in the same color.

Also, mixing textures is a wonderful way to keep clothes interesting. Combining metallics or a dress in a bold shade is the coolest way to pull off a classy monochromatic look.

  • Lock It At Your Waist

A trendy dress or a skirt is a striking choice for summer parties.  Still, finding the perfect one can sometimes be difficult. Preferring a look that seems semi-formal or cocktail-appropriate that won’t put you hot and sweaty is the key.

Well, just grab an A-line dress, maxi or midi, and lock it at the waist with a styling belt. This will highlight your beautiful curves and also the reality that you have to rely on style to feel a glint of joy and self-worth.

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  • Dress It Up With The Right Shoes

Take your look from simple to casual classy by selecting the right pair of heels

Summer dresses are excellent for a day out with girls or holiday brunch, but you can effortlessly dress it up with a strappy stiletto, or patent leather pumps. But don’t bother, heels don’t have to be uncomfortable. 

You can hack your means into wearing heels with the comfort of sneakers or flats. Sneakers and flats are promising alternatives for finishing off your elegant summer look.

  • Bring Out The Right Stockings

Another fantastic way to style your summer party dress is to pair them up with the right accessories. But make sure that you are limited in accessories. 

Stockings are a good way to go when you do not want to exaggerate your ook. Whether you’re planning to wear a shirt dress or a T-shirt dress, sheer stockings can inspire an elegant look.

  • Keep It Simple, Try Minimalism

It’s summertime, and you don’t want to swap with an over-accessorized look. Lightweight dresses are the nicest way to do this because you can keep the look as modest as you want, or turn it up a level with just a few tweaks.

Also, lightweight materials and accessories make an outstanding choice but keep in mind that you don’t look too casual. 

Crochet and light lace dresses seem especially striking for white parties. 

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So, with these stunning 5 trend styles, you are ready to rock the summer parties in a cool and classy look every day!

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Udisha Srivastav is a Freelance Content Writer with Femsay.com