Udisha Srivastav: Top 4 Therapist-Approved Efficient Ways To Cope-Up With A Trauma Anniversary

Certain days of the year bring old memories and relationships to mind. Sometimes, still, the rememberings aren’t so desirable, particularly when they’re related to trauma.

Trauma Anniversary 

It’s significant to realize that if you feel an anniversary reaction, you are not missing all of the healing processes you have made until then. The ups and downs in life are an entirely natural part of the healing process. It’s very common for things to be hard during anniversaries.

Psychological Reason Behind Trauma Anniversary

Well, some therapists recognize that trauma anniversaries are a way of our minds, striving to help us by readying us to protect ourselves from identical harm.

However, sadly, despite our mind’s positive intentions, it’s not effective for us to live our lives in a chronic state of pain and fear.

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Therapist-Approved Ways To Cope-Up With Trauma Anniversaries:

If you are or your dear ones are struggling, there is no need to worry. We are here to help you!

In this Femsay blog post, we have curated experts approved Top 4 efficient ways to deal with these anniversary traumas. 

  • Know Your Timeline

So, the most important tip to get rid of the mental traumas created by this anniversary effect is just to know your timeline. 

Before you process, at first, you are required to know when your trauma anniversaries happen and how they impact your mental wellbeing. It’s surprisingly simple to go through life undergoing anniversary reactions without even knowing what they are.

  • Acceptance Is Key

Yes, acceptance is the key to all your happiness and prosperity in life.

Avoid denials at all costs. Simply, let it all go away. It can remain for a long time and the best you can do is acknowledge its fact so that you can find strong ways to survive it. 

You may not feel like yourself before, on, and after the painful anniversary memories and that is perfectly alright. Letting yourself be less than okay also helps you feel less worried.

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  •  Keep Yourself Busy

“All that jazz about an empty mind being the devil’s workshop is true to a specific extent.”

Make sure you schedule a busy yet flexible to-do list. The key is to have something to do so that you don’t have the time to ponder bitter memories. As long as whatever you’re planning is not toxic to you or someone else, anything works to support you get through the day.

  • Feel The Pain

Well, sometimes, the fairest thing to do is to set aside a few minutes to get out of the pain you went through.

In most cases, people are feeling worried, deceived, and devastated, particularly toward the end of the day. So, right before going to bed, they spent some time feeling about everything that had gone on the trauma anniversary. 

The best way to get over the suffering is to feel your pain and cry. When you cry from the heart, you will be healed and can relax better. While crying in private is not a sign of weakness.

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Summing Up!

So, trauma anniversaries are not a serious thing to bother. Experts say that even the boldest and active people struggle when it comes to trauma. There are all sorts of addicts and we all have grief. And we all search for effective ways to let the suffering go away!

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Udisha Srivastav is a Freelance Content Writer with Femsay.com