Udisha Srivastav: What Do You Wear To Bed? A Quick Femsay Guide On Women's Night Dresses

What kind of clothing do you wear to sleep every night? Have you ever thought that it affects your nap? Let us take you on an amazing tour of nightdresses that are suitable for your comfort.

Well, what we wear to sleep is a personal choice. However, we do not always give a whole lot of thought to it. We often choose dresses depending on the climate, comfort, sleeping partner, and so many other factors. 

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Facts On Sleepwear And Sleep

The United States survey administered in 2004 reveals that 13% of men wear pajamas or nightgowns at the bed, also 31% wear underwear, and another 31% sleep without dress. However, among women, 55% of them wear pajamas or nightgowns, which were figured under the same preference.

What Women Choose To Wear On Bed?

Let’s have a look at what women choose to wear on the bed and their comfort levels.

  • Undergarments

Many women would freely wear a bra to sleep. Some of the most popular clothing items worn to sleep by them are underpants, socks, and just undershirts. The main likeness of wearing undergarments while sleeping is its temperature regulation property.

Yes, undergarments make an incredible clothing choice for this sleepyhead whose temperature varies always throughout the night.

Still, if you are getting on this outfit, make sure the apparel is loose-fitting, as wearing tight-fitting clothes to sleep can result in blood circulation difficulties, and also it lowers melatonin levels.

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  • Nightgowns

For individuals who feel cold, nightgowns and full pajama sets will keep them warm and toasty all night long. The study indicates that about one-third of women still prefer nightgowns to sleep.

However, make sure that, if you’re wearing a nightgown, always choose a normal and convenient fabric such as cotton so that your skin can breathe. 

Moreover, cotton clothes are also less probable to affect skin irritation and rashes, particularly if it’s a looser fit.

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  • Onesies

Did you know onesies are both popular for adults and children? It is because of its incredible property of keeping your toes warm and also onesies to avoid bugs from getting into people’s pajamas.

So, onesies are a wonderful option for sleep because they’re comfortable, simple, and comfortable. Also, they’re exceptionally beneficial for new parents who need continual change. 

Sleeping As Nude

We’ve discussed some of the major ways clothing can influence sleep, yet what about sleeping as nude? Still, many women choose to remove all clothes before going to nap because it gives them independence from knotted clothes, and can benefit from regulating their body temperature, plus improving blood circulation.

Think About Your Feet

Don’t forget about your feet. Cold feet are related to insomnia. However, warming your toes too much can result in your entire body becoming too hot. If you tend to get cold while you nap, slip on a set of convenient stockings at the bed.

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Summing Up!

Well, with all of these nightwear ideas, you can have better night naps. Plus, your body may also discharge more growth hormones and melatonin, which can have anti-aging effects. There is also proof that sleeping nude can curtail anxiety and create self-confidence.

So, next time you crawl into a mattress, just think about how you napped the night before and what you were wearing. One simple cloth can change the continuous sleeplessness and steer you into a protracted, deep, prosperous sleep.

Image courtesy: Business Insider

Udisha Srivastav is a Freelance Content Writer at Femsay.com