Udisha - Latest International Fashion Trends 2021, It’s Time To Game Up Your Style

“Fashion is the aesthetic way to flicker the magic of living”

In the contemporary hustle-bustle, everyone yearns for a comfortable yet graceful look. However, fashion has expanded its horizons and is something more than what defines the clothing aesthetics of one’s life. It has become central to modern life, drives the economic landscape of industries and countries, influences culture, and tastes, defines individuals, fulfills the basic needs and desires, and sets refreshing trends. 

Let’s have a look at the current fashion trends and the countries that have been instrumental in setting these trends. 

Italian fashion trends

“Speak English, kiss French, drive German and dress Italian”. The famous saying explicitly draws attention to the Italian fashion trends. Undoubtedly, the Italian fashion trends are one of the most prominent fashion icons in the world, the robe suits, trench coats, overcoats, trousers, and jewelry. Let’s have a look at some of the amazing pieces of clothing that anyone would crave for. 

Robe suits.

The robe suits for women have had a rich and exciting history that definitely deserves some exploration. They have always been constituted in the list of powerful-looking clothes. In 2021, Italian women tend to wear Robe suits that are symbolic of the timeless tales for trends and are now more fashionable and feminine than ever before. 

Trench coats.

Enlisting trench coats in the current fashion trends 2021 list seems inevitable. The trench coats are styled with both formals and casuals. They keep warm and also make the appearance trendy and classy.

Trousers in all the fun colors. 

Short trousers with all rainbow colors are the token of style. The trousers are a favorite of both men and women. For women, short trousers styled with crop tops look amazing. Gosh, fashion in Italy is a serious business!

Overcoats and trousers.

Italian men prefer to wear overcoats and trousers. The cool climate always demands overcoats and jackets. These make a combination of both warm and stylish. Both genders prefer scarves and leathers or suede shoes as they not only add a cozy and sophisticated touch to any look but also help you keep warm with fabrics like wool and cashmere.

Along with the overcoat and trousers, a chic handbag for women marks a perfect accessory. 

Bulky bracelets and Bib necklaces.

Italian women accessorize bulky bracelets. The chunky bracelets add a significant touch to the Italian fashion statement.

Delving into the stylistic beauty of necklaces, they are broad in the front section and cover the chest part. Bib necklaces are rich with stones, gold, silver, or diamonds based on the user’s choice. 

Drop earrings

It’s seen that Italian women love jewelry. Heavy ornaments with authentic touch add the beauty of the Italic taste. They love to wear hanging earrings. Hence, a pair of both stylish, and functional.

New York Fashion trends

The last New York fashion week explored some standout fashion trends giving nuanced perspectives on femininity and beauty in terms of color, fabric, accessories, patterns, and elevated tailoring.

Hence, the knitted fashion interests not only ordinary women but also the well, known well-known natives of the fashion industry.

Knitted dresses.

They are a rich combination of fabrics and textures inspired by nature, vintage, and art. The soft texture and great breathability of these dresses give a diligent and wonderful look.

Knitted cardigans and sweaters.

Cardigans are open-front sweaters and are comfortable and covered with slouch fit knits. Oversized cardigans give an extra elegant look. While knitted sweaters are perfect for the cool winters of New York. One can create form-fitting wear that does not constrain movement as garments take the shape of a human body.

Tokyo trends

When one thinks about Japanese fashion trends, our imagination often turns to over-the-top street stylings with pops of primary bright colors. Tokians always prefer soft shades of cooler colors like mint and pistachio green for a versatile trend. Let’s have a look at some of the street style and street fashion trends there. 

Back lace-up to a lace-up floral skirt.

Long floral skirts with darker shades add a romantic touch to the trend. These are styled with light shade crop tops or back tees to create an eclectic ensemble.

Long Beige Trench coats.

Long beige trench coats can be styled in numerous ways.

Long beige belted trench coat paired with ankle boots.

Beige belted trench coat with black and white plain scarf.

Beige trench coat styled with white turtle neck cardigan.

Found these trends enthralling? Team up with these exciting trends and game up your dressing. It’s time to pour some more love into yourself.

Image credits: Vogue

Udisha Srivastav is a Freelance Content Writer with Femsay.com