Udisha - A Brief Guide To Cosmetic Trends in 2021

The Summer is almost on its way and all the beauty aspirants are hopefully looking for classical cosmetic trends. 2020 was a lockdown year in world history and after jumping out of the walls, everyone is enthusiastic about their appearance, presentation, and beauty.

Fashion colors of 2021

The color trends of 2021 are clenching a reminder from the last pandemic year and giving people a sense of confidence, enthusiasm, hope, and positivity that everyone is looking for.

The Pantone Color Institute and Shutterstock have recently announced their 2021 color trend forecasts. They preferred bright and gentle colors that take inspiration from natural elements. Pantone stated in December that Illuminating a bright yellow hue and Ultimate Gray are its Colors of the Year 2021, which represents the themes of unity, stability, harmony, and hope.

Top Cosmetic Trends of 2021

Improved Hygiene 

Soaps and sanitizers might not be ample of beauty categories but beauty brands such as Byredo, Diptyque, and Nest Fragrances have already entered the space and they’re more bougie and impressive than ever. Joshua Ross, celebrity aesthetician in Los Angeles, Calif said, “2020 was the year of harsh hand sanitizers and soaps, this will change in 2021 as the industry balances efficacy with sensoriality that is less irritating on the microbiome.” Besides, beauty experts have upgraded scents and packaging with hydrating formulas suitable for the skin.

Clear Skincare

Studies conducted by beauty experts have indicated that cosmetic brands glorifying ingredient transparency are increasing in popularity. Customers want to know what’s in their products, and if it is suitable and adaptable for their skin. These demands of consumers have caused branded companies to shift towards more sustainable stocks. According to Barb Paldus, Codex Beauty founder, “If you can’t make the sustainable choice when creating a product, even if it costs you more, you don’t deserve to be creating a brand.”

Blue Light Protection 

Blue light protection glasses are specially crafted lenses that are used to filter out the blue light given off from digital screens. The lenses insist to safeguard eyes from flash and can help curtail probable harm to your retina from continued exposure to blue glare.

Lip Mask

One of the interesting innovations in cosmetic trends of 2021 is lip masks that will become the new lipsticks. Monika Blunder, Celebrity Makeup Artist & Founder of Monika Beauty, says that, “Because of face masks, people are moving towards treatments instead of color out of convenience,” she explains that, “Glosses can be sticky and high maintenance, and who wants to deal with smudged lipstick because of your mask? So, it’s better to make your pout beautiful by plumping and moisturizing its long-lasting treatments sting.”

Launch Of Multitasking Products

2021 is the rush year because 2020 was a tumultuous year. Several cosmetic brands are about to launch multitasking cosmetic products in 2021. Everyone wants a simple, as well as a quick, make-up routine daily. A series of makeup steps such as applying primers, concealers, drawing eyebrows, make-shadows, lipsticks, etc.. is always a burden for lazy girls. We are in the midst of a rush and want to save time and money because a hard period is expected to arrive.

According to Sheena Yaitanes, Founder of Kosas Cosmetics, “Fluffy brows, bold lashes, and multitasking products that marry skincare with makeup will continue to take over complicated beauty routines.” So they are expecting to launch more innovative products soon.

The world is approaching new trends in the cosmetic industry in 2021, so stay tuned to the latest updates on cosmetic trends. Being beautiful from the inside out is a great thing that we all want. However, the emerging cosmetic world is in search of new creative and worthwhile products for beauty aspirants. 

Stay safe, stay beautiful.”

Image Credits: Lifestyle Asia

Udisha Srivastav is a Freelance Content Writer with Femsay.com