Udisha Srivastav: Path-Breaking Women Making Their Way Through Career Guidance, Let's See How

India has a 48.20 percent female population corresponding to a 51.80 percent male population. In a much-recognized male dominant and patriarchal country, men are considered to be the breadwinners for a family. Nevertheless, we see an impressive shift in the number of women who have opted for a bouquet of career choices, full-time positions, or intelligent ones to create a harmonious ecosystem.

Women Breaking The Rules!

A survey report reveals top women’s career options are Entrepreneurship, the Digital/IT industry, Medicine, Teaching, Human Resources, Psychologist/Counsellor, Interior Designing and Media.

To assist women to accomplish financial equilibrium, a sense of individuality, breaking the monotony through the mundane household tasks, and many such reasons, various upskill strategies exist that may help solve this goal without any extra hazards.

It is not so dramatic to learn, several women today are counselors, who manage from their clinic/home with a center/official structure or co-working areas. 

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Indian Women In Career Counseling

In India, 23 percent of the Indian population is in the age group 13-23. That means 250 million young students. 90 million of them are in secondary or higher secondary schools and 140 million are in colleges. We need to realize the relevance of this level as a global sensation when we have the highest portion of youth in the workforce. This is a massive opportunity for India. 

The World Economic Forum report asserts that 44 percent of scholars in India want career counseling and distinguish it as the most crucial factor in a demand-supply mismatch. Opposite 93 percent of Indian academies do not have counselors. 

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Career Counseling – A 2-way Street

Observing this demand, women are starting to build themselves as Guidance and Career Counsellor. A career counselor as a profession is impressive. For a student, Career Counselling assists them to recognize the career options that they have, and how to follow them. Career Counselling benefits them to know their courage and weaknesses about their present course or career and allows them to know what career they would be fitted for. 

Furthermore, for women, it enables them to recognize their untapped capacity, give disclosure to the many not so explored challenges women may encounter unless walking outside the home, a feeling of belongingness, and unbiased to look forward to the day, a valued impression during household discussions, and the so many barriers created by the society against compelling them to feel dis-empowered.

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Women making their career through career counseling experience economic stability, a feeling of belongingness, finding of themselves, and overall empowerment. In addition, it builds an impact on the daily working environment, and several get immersed with projects as freelancers for corporates or NGOs and different educational institutions. Numerous career counselors are employed by regional school districts, private schools, rehabilitation agencies, and social welfare organizations.

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Empowering Others While Being Empowered!

It is also a deemed knowledge that women are implied to maintain sufficient communication skills, have an incredible empathetic attitude. Many career counselors come into the area as psychotherapists, and various professionals make the evolution to career counseling gradually. From the entry-level to paying a few years in such a job, incomes go up, hours are important, and happiness is inevitable. 

Still, not all look favorable at times. Coming to be a career counselor invites inculcating reading habits, through journals, articles, newspapers, etc., and building your client base. Trading, Operations, and management of administering the sessions, information absorption, and impartment, all go hand in hand. It gives rise to a lot of responsibility, and a grand profession to follow.

Women willing to ratify such a challenge, eventually end up ‘making their path through career counseling’ and being ’empowered’.

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Udisha Srivastav is a Freelance Content Writer with Femsay.com