Udisha Srivastav - 9 Top Schemes Available For Women Entrepreneurs In India

In contemporary times, women are prospering in the field of entrepreneurship and acquiring spaces in several fields passionately and enthusiastically. They are turning aspects into their means and are leading to the path of growth. For these women proprietors of MSMEs, specific strategies are being procured by the government and public organizations throughout the nation. Nonetheless, there are lucrative proposals available to facilitate these companies making it simple for them to get loans. Let us discover how women are being promoted by different foundations under several schemes.

Schemes For Women Entrepreneurs In India


This scheme is provided to women who are in the food catering business, establishing their small-scale enterprises. The scheme lets these women entrepreneurs benefit in terms of acquiring capital requirements like buying devices and tools, setting up trucks, etc. Under this scheme, women can sell packed food items and snacks. The loan threshold is Rs. 50,000/= under this scheme.


This Banking loan benefits women who have ventured into different fields of business and are constantly pining for success. The Bharatiya Mahila Bank has the wisdom of women’s economic empowerment. The loan limit is Rs. 20 crores.


It is a Government of India enterprise that aims to enhance the significance of women in the country by providing business loans and benefiting them so that they can be financially independent and self-sufficient. The proposal has different categories of proposals as per industry type, degree of growth, and loan goal. The loan limit is Rs. 10 lakhs.


This scheme is for women who keep 51% capital individually or all together as proprietary respect. The interval of payment is adaptable up to 7 years and the loan limit is Rs. 25 lakhs.


Dena Shakti Scheme is for women entrepreneurs but it’s restricted to women working in the areas of agriculture, retail, manufacturing, that are fragile enterprises, or micro-credit groups. According to RBI thresholds, the absolute ceiling limits to women beneficiaries are moreover given based on the area they are broadening or planning to launch industry in. The loan limit for the scheme is Rs. 20 lakhs.


PMRY is one of the reasonable schemes for women entrepreneurs both socially and financially. The emphasis of this proposal is on establishing skill-based, self-employment through women entrepreneurs and smart senses at work being employed for economic independence. This scheme wraps both metropolitan and rural regions and was expanded through various revisions in expense, eligibility, and assistance thresholds. 


The Udyogini Scheme enables women to be autonomous and encourages their self-development by empowering them financially. This scheme motivates sprouting women entrepreneurs by giving loans and providing good rates of interest in comparison to private sector rates. This is only credible for those women who have a family revenue of less than Rs. 40,000 per annum. 


This loan scheme is targeted at both new industries and those that strive to develop and improve; the only particular priority on the scheme is that it is for Women Entrepreneurs. Commercial trade, schooling and training, and self-help organizations are not qualified for the loan scheme. 

The competent categories are given in detail with the laws on their website. This scheme is a collateral-free loan as well as zero processing fees. The loan limit under this scheme is Rs. 100 lakhs.


This scheme intends to fulfill the capital gap. It promotes MSMEs and small sector investments in various enterprises to develop and beat in their areas. Rs. 10 lakhs is the loan limit under this scheme.

Establishing a social enterprise is not a slight effort, and women in India meet the extra barriers of bias, prejudice, and family pressure. However, those women who surmount these challenges find the result empowering and we all look up to them!

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Udisha Srivastav is a Freelance Content Writer with Femsay.com