Udisha Srivastav - ‘Why Do I Call Myself A Feminist?’ A Compelling Piece Of Poetry

Often, when women proudly call themselves a feminist, their ideology is considered synonymous to hating men i.e anti-men. However, that’s one of the very wrong conceptions many of us hold. It’s time to get that straight, stating reasons what makes a feminist, a feminist. Read this piece of poetry.

I am a feminist because I demand equality,

Trying to surface a human, 

Hiding behind your toxic masculinity.

No doubt, you might be the hero of your mama,

But, for us, you are close to a monster,

Lacking sensitivity and humanity.

I am a feminist because I prefer to share the domestic chores,

Not the set-up where I am slogging in the kitchen,

And you are enjoying the delicious whiskey pours.

I also reject the arrangement where a woman endures,

Bear the relationships’ burden, 

Drained of everything, left with compromise and sacrifice as the only cures.

I am a feminist because I have an ambition,

My career as an individual and a woman, right in front,

Preferred over and above any goddamn situation.

And, you might say, that’s not the tradition,

But let’s get that straight, 

Given your gender history, you as a man, owe me a big compensation.

I am a feminist because I don’t let other women down,

We support each other and ourselves,

And don’t run like a baby to get help from you, across the town.

I am independent and can take care of my affairs,

Filled with confidence,

Just an inch away from winning that marvelous crown.

I am a feminist because I earn my money,

If you are wondering how I sleep,

It’s with a dream in my head and not alongside a pink bunny.

Women are literally establishing themselves each second,

They are the bosses, the leaders of the world,

And you are officially permitted to call us something other than “Honey”.

I am a feminist because being a feminist is not so unearthly,

You can be one too and try bringing some progressive change,

And better now, because the more later, the more ugly.

I am a feminist because there is no better option,

And I call it the best too,

As the treacherous cycle of oppression is already in motion.

I am a feminist because that brings meaning to me,

Giving me hope when we women face an existential crisis,

Deciding in a man’s world, who and what to be.

I leave it to you now, 

Whether you too wanna be a feminist or not?

If yes, you don’t need to ask me How!

If not, then in the Italian language, you call a GoodBye ‘Ciao’.

Feature Image Credits: The Conversation

Udisha Srivastav is a Freelance Content Writer with Femsay.com