Udisha Srivastav - Bellesa, A Company Run By A Woman And That Caters To Women Is Revamping The Adult Entertainment Industry

Welcome To the Male-Dominated Adult Entertainment Industry

In her book Refashioning India: Gender, Media and a Transformed Public Discourse, Maitrayee Chaudhuri, Professor of sociology at JNU’s Centre for the Study of Social Systems, has joined the dots between politics, economics, the expansion of the media, the hypervisibility of women and a certain institutionalization of feminism, as reported by The Wire. In an interview with the same organization, she said, “We seem to have shifted from an era of invisibility of women (an issue that feminists raised in the late 1970s) to hypervisibility as we witness in the contemporary mediatized world”. Isn’t that correct? Yes, it is. 

Let’s simplify it first. Wrapping it up in a sentence, we have moved from the times when women weren’t visible in the public domain at all compared to men, in addition, when a conversation about female sexuality was big taboo to a time where women are “visible”, however, they are still largely seen/portrayed as objects to be conquered, dominated upon, and in a hundred other problematic ways to perceive a human. Pornography is one such male-dominated industry that has ignored the needs and rights of women to a humongous extent. 

Bellesa – A Woman’s Innovation

On the face of all of it, established in 2017, Bellesa is an adult entertainment website that caters to what women want to watch and feel when they click to watch an adult entertainment video. In that sense, Bellesa is surely shifting the landscape of the adult entertainment industry with this brilliant one-stop for women to watch online videos, read educational content, and can buy sex toys and wellness products for themselves.

“With Bellesa, we have created an online community to empower women to embrace and explore their sexuality in whatever form that takes. Up to this point, we have been focused on videos, stories, and educational/informative content. We want our unapologetically bold community to have access to high-quality, easy-to-use sex toys that are accessible and unintimidating. By creating a comfortable experience to shop for sex toys online, our goal is to break down the stigma surrounding female sexuality even further”, stated Michelle Shnaidman, CEO and Founder of Bellesa

“Our research shows that women want sexual experiences that are authentic and relatable, and they are often-times intimidated by the thought of introducing toys to their sex life. We saw the need to demystify sex toys and make them accessible for women of all different levels of experience”, she added.


Bellesa was established just a few years back. However, in a surprisingly short period of time, the website has built an intricate and large community. Nonetheless, it offers a safe platform for women to explore their sexuality and watch content that is curated keeping the interests of women in mind.

Such feminist platforms and revolutionary ideas do deserve a shout-out! Here is one from Femsay to Bellesa

One last thing! 

Do you have a Netflix subscription? I guess, the answer is Yes. 

Well, try the ‘Netflix of Porn’. 

At least, that’s what Bellesa rightly calls itself. 

Feature Image Credits: The Bull and Bear

Udisha Srivastav is a Freelance Content Writer with Femsay.com