Udisha Srivastav - Body Neutrality, A Love Letter For Your Body And Soul

In times when Body Shaming is as prevalent as a long-lasting tradition, Body Neutrality intends to dial down the immense implication that’s entrusted with the physical allure and attractions in our society. Body Neutrality goes beyond body positivity. In that, it’s not just about pushing back on the specific glamour standards of our time, yet on all characteristics of society that proceed to stimulate and facilitate beauty as essential, consequential, and the ultimate achievement, and an individual’s appearance as indicative of their worth.

History of Body Neutrality

Individuals who were enthusiastic about body politics began searching online for the term “body neutrality” in 2015.

While doing some research about body politics and body neutrality, some sources indicated that bloggers such as Gabi Gregg and Stephanie Yeboah helped mold the campaign’s initial phases, while various idols and celebrities spoke up to emphasize on body neutrality.

The Famous Wellness and Intuitive Eating coach and Influencer Anne Poirier boosted the movement when she arranged her Body Neutrality workshop, a project planned to assist women to make peace with their bodies.

Anuschka Rees, the established writer also analyzed the concept of body neutrality concisely in her book, “Beyond Beautiful,” published in 2019. 

The ideas themselves followed from the margins of the body positivity campaign in response to a few key concerns.

However, some professionals, along with people who found it hard to drift sharply from body hate to body love, started to sketch some probable adverse impacts and influences of body positivity.

Body Neutrality Vs Body Positivity

Body positivity can occasionally be a stretch for people because we live in circumstances that do not inevitably motivate women to feel optimistic about their bodies. Whereas, Body Neutrality stands more feasible and endurable.

Individuals practicing body positivity might tell, they love their body or feel happy with how their body looks. While a person disciplining body neutrality might say, their body can carry them through their favorite hiking trail, or, they are able to pick up their child.

It’s the personal commitment, even if you’re wanting some things to be different, to accept your body as it is today. And to do that takes time, patience, and practice.

Body Neutrality Mantras

For those who are interested in testing out body neutrality, we are here to share with you a few, fast mantras to assist your body neutrality mission. These body neutrality mantras will aid to disrupt a guilty body image of your own and will help you through difficult crisis.

❖ My body is my Temple. 

❖ My body is alright.

❖ My body is stable and strong.

❖ My body and I are in the same company.

❖ I am not more important if I take up less space.

These rejuvenated body-neutral mantras can help reconstruct your cold and unconscious emotions and thoughts towards body neutrality and body peace.

Body neutrality emphasizes acknowledgment of your body as it is, motivating you to understand its skills and non-physical traits over your appearance. It aims to decentralize the body as a matter by struggling with the myth that the way you look steers your worth. It also creates space to step back from unnecessary body conversations.

In general, body neutrality clarifies that ‘You may not constantly adore your body, but you can still live cheerfully and well.’

Image Credits: Times of India

Udisha Srivastav is a Freelance Content Writer with Femsay.com