Udisha Srivastav- 7 Things You Must Dare Not Say To A Woman

Words hurt badly, they can make one feel really awful. If the relationship is intricate, some words can do so much damage. Here I write about 7 things that women often get to hear from people and especially men around. I speak on behalf of my women counterparts and expect you (if you are a man, it could be a great learning lesson for you) to stop throwing random and to a large extent, stereotypical thoughts on women. Read ahead. 

‘You Aren’t Like Other Girls’

Yes, a woman isn’t like other women because each one of us has our individuality and we are unique, in one way or the other. However, the way the statement is used, it’s generally like, “You are cool, you are frank, you are basically like my male folks”. Uh-oh. Did you just say that men are better and if a woman is more ‘like you’, she gets to be in your good books while others are ‘just girls’? 

‘What Do You Do The Whole Day?’

It’s a well-known fact that, in general, homemakers aren’t given due credit for their free, relentless labor. Above that, they get to hear things like, “What did you do today?” or anything. Stop doing that sir. Give respect to others’ hard work and then, expect it from others. 

‘Are You One Of Those Shouty Feminists?’

Personally, this one hurts the most. Do you know what Feminism is in the first place? Read about that. About the ‘shouty’ part, it’s called raising one’s voice, loud enough to be heard. It’s very important to get our basics right before presenting unthoughtful opinions and getting ‘shouty’. 

‘Don’t Create A Scene’

Ahh, here it comes. You are ‘very emotional’, ‘very sensitive’, ‘Melodramatic’, ‘a Drama Queen’, and whatnot. And then, ‘I beg you, don’t create a scene here’. I mean, you just badly hurt someone on the spot, and then you expect the person to stay organized and calm on the face of it, smile all along, and then get a chance at something when you are in the mood to listen and there’s no one around? Grow up ya!

‘You Look Irritated. Are You On Periods?’

Yes, I feel overworked, stressed out, and irritated today but………..I am not on periods. I have a life, family, career, responsibilities, work-life, and so much more that can make me feel that way. Stop the generalization all the time. It’s not always periods. It could be YOU too!

‘Why Don’t You Settle Down?’

What does it mean to settle down? If settling down means having a husband and kids, then I ask, “Isn’t the scope of settling down very narrow and small?” Besides, why don’t men get asked this question? I am a financially independent woman, I love the work that I do, I might as well have a boyfriend, and with all this combined, I feel awesome. You don’t decide what ‘settling down’ means to me? 

‘It Has Been Enough Time. Why Don’t You Have Kids?’

On the line of the above question, once you are married, you get asked this one quite a lot. Again, why? It’s me who is going to keep the child in my womb, not you. So, if my share of responsibilities are larger, why don’t I make a call? Fair, right?

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Udisha Srivastav is a Freelance Content Writer with Femsay.com