Udisha Srivastav - Is it safe to take the Covid-19 vaccine while you are on periods?

The entire planet is battling against the COVID-19 pandemic. As we all know, the WHO and members are struggling together on tracing the pandemic, warning on significant interventions, delivering vital medical supplies to those in need, as well competing to develop and distribute safe, protected, and productive vaccines. 

Vaccines keep millions of lives each year. Vaccines work by equipping and formulating the body’s normal defenses. After vaccination, if the body is later exposed to those viruses, the body is instantly prepared to demolish them, deterring illness.

By the beginning of 2021, about seven various vaccines from three outlets have been distributed in countries. The highest priority for vaccination has been given to physically weaker sections in all countries. Vaccines are a vital mechanism in the war against COVID-19 and it is hugely optimistic to see so many vaccines validating success and going into development. Scientists from across the world are working as quickly as they can to bring us experiments, medications, and vaccines that will save our lives and terminate this pandemic.    

Safe and beneficial vaccines will be a great way to terminate this pandemic era and for the foreseeable future, we must go on with wearing masks, maintain social distancing, and prevent public crowds. Being inoculated does not imply that we can toss vigilance to the breeze and let ourselves and others be at threat, especially because it is yet not apparent the breadth to which the vaccines can preserve not only against the pandemic but also against virus and its spreading.

Fake news spreading on social media and fact-checking

Social media has been widely circulating a claim that is prompting a lot of women into assuming that the COVID-19 vaccine isn’t completely safe and secure for them.

A social media post fluttering remarks that during period immunity for a woman is very less, and hence, receiving a vaccine, 5 days before, during, or after the menses won’t be secure and they may not receive an ample response. That fake post, which was also widely spread on the internet also speaks of that the first dose of the vaccine “lowers” immunity power and later gets built up weeks later, hence, women who do get vaccinated on their periods face an increased threat of acquiring the infection and falling weak.

It’s useful to stay conscious about the usefulness of the Covid-19 vaccines that are one of the promising preventive means in combating the dangerous virus and may enable us to be vigilant over the second COVID-19 wave in India.

For the awareness of the public, COVID-19 vaccines are protected in all respects, and there is no validity to the entity that the vaccines would be fatal to take during the menstrual cycle. Physicians and activists have been frequently publishing advisories, expecting society to not fall prey to such fraudulent statements.

Let us listen to what Dr. Munjaal V. Kapadia, a Mumbai-based gynecologist said in a tweet.

“A lot of patients messaging me asking if it’s safe/effective to take the vaccine during their period. Some silly WhatsApp rumor has spooked everyone. Your period does not affect the vaccine efficacy. Take it as soon as you can. Spread the word, please,” 

Let’s spread the word 

There is no need for any worries and confusion about the scenario and women can surely take Covid-19 vaccines during their menstruation. 

The government has already taken necessary precautions and warnings against these fake claims and the PIB said in a tweet.

“#Fake post circulating on social media claims that women should not take #Covid19Vaccine 5 days before and after their menstrual cycle. Don’t fall for rumors! All people above 18 should get vaccinated after May 1,” 

So let’s spread and believe in positivity and we can do our little fraction in this great war against this pandemic.

Image credits: BBC

Udisha Srivastav is a Freelance Content Writer with Femsay.com