Cyber Abuse Against Women; A Hidden Propaganda?

Words scar. Rumors destroy. Bullies kill

The technological world is emerging day by day and our little lives in this universe are bluntly visible just at a fingertip. Sounds skeptical, right? Looking closely, one would find that all the cyber frauds are caged into small walls, and from there, with the aid of technology, women are being abused, attacked, and stalked all around the world. Alarmingly, on the darker side of technology, there was a notable increase in cyber crimes against women in India during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Let’s first understand what Cyber Abuse or Cyber Threatening is. It is a form of contentious, purposeful act or behavior that is carried out by a group of people or an individual utilizing electronic devices. Cyber Bullying is when someone bullies or harasses others on the internet platform and other social media. As a result of all this, the victim suffers a lot of mental illness and expressions and even leads to suicidal temptations.

Let’s Talk Facts!

At least one cybercrime is reporting every ten minutes in India. It shows the enormous increase in the number of cyber invectives against women day by day.

A total of 2,45,67 cases were reported till February 2021, and NGOs say that this is just the“tip of the iceberg”.

Based on the National Commission for Women (NCW’s) report, 37 complaints were received online in March, during the start of lockdown, and according to the statistics, 54 cases were registered in April. Shocked, you better be. Because this number is increasing day by day.

NCW chairperson Rekha Sharma said that “while earlier we would record 300 complaints of online harassment, this shot up to 1500 post the Covid-19 pandemic.”

The UN statement on the Elimination of Violence against Women states, “the violence against women is a manifestation of historically unequal power relations between men and women.”

Cyber Laws in India

Cyber laws are the laws that apply to the Internet and Internet-related technologies. In India, cyber laws are included in the Information Act of 2000. Under the Indian penal code, there are a lot of sections regarding cyber laws. The main intention of the laws is to furnish legal recognition, assistance, and protection to individuals using the Internet and Internet-related technologies.

Here is a list of some important sections in the Indian penal code that everyone who is using the Internet should know. Section 354 D – stalking and attempting to contact a woman, Section 499 – sending calumnious messages by email, Section 500 – email abuse, Section 509- word, gesture, or act aspired to offend women, and Section 507- criminal oppression by an unidentified communication. 

Are we women safe on the internet?

Cyber attacks against women are increasing day by day. The faceless, fake profiles continue abusing women in all the ways they wish to. They comment on social media about women in a very terrible language. They morph those pictures in an ugly manner and threaten them for their needs and unfortunately, some poor ones fall into their traps.

All these anonymous Cyber Bullies have their hidden propaganda. Employing bullying, trolling, morphing, and more, they try to degrade women and outrage their modesty. Well, that’s just the world we live in. However, to become safe in this internet era, remember a few things:

Don’t reveal your personal information to unknown persons on the web.

Always use a secure VPN while browsing on the internet.

When someone tries to threaten you, give complaints on the cyber cell.

The Internet is used as an essential thing in our day-to-day lives. However, all of us need to be concerned about our privacy too. Whether it is in the real physical space or it’s in virtual cyberspace, everyone should be respected, regarded, and loved.

We all should be empathetic. Stay safe online!

Image credits: FinTech Magazine

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