Udisha Srivastav - Miles Away From Home, Outstationed College-Going Girls Celebrate Independence

All of us anxiously wait for our college lives. In cases, when one’s college is based outside their city or town, the boundless joy feels even dear. For out-stationed young and aspirational students, especially girls, it undoubtedly provides a beautiful time and opportunity to know more about themselves, breathe freely, to learn, to experience, to explore, and whatnot. Moreover, they develop a very essential quality in them that they themselves adore, of being Independent.

Celebrating Independence

Here, I bring the experiences of a few out-stationed girls to you. Let’s read what their idea of Independence is. 

“When we live far away from our homes, we tend to become more responsible and aware of our surroundings. I will share an example of responsibility with you here. So, initially, at the beginning of each month, I would be really happy having a lot of cash-in-hand but by the 25th of each month, I used to be left with just a few coins in my pockets (laughs). So, for me, Independence means that I get to take charge of my life and take care of my finances alone”, says Apoorva Dubey, a student of Moradabad studying at Gargi College, Delhi University.

“There is one thing that I have always thought in my mind. I see that people often get confused between Independence and Freedom. These are two words often used in a similar way. For girls who go out, people think that these girls are going to get more freedom. In fact, the word freedom is associated with girls in a very negative manner. But, as we know, freedom comes with some responsibility. I live in a PG and I have learned to organize myself well”, says Rupam Singh, a student of Holy Mission School, Bihar.

“Independence to me is doing whatever I feel comfortable with. Moreover, the right to choose among different opportunities in life without hesitation, which makes me feel more responsible for the decisions I make. Even if a decision turns out to be wrong or not perfect, doesn’t matter. In fact, it pulls out a more careful and learned person in me. Away from my home, I have got the liberty to explore various alternatives and reach my own conclusions. Independence raises my motivation and confidence”, says Deergha Verma, who hails from Kanpur and is a student of Gargi College, Delhi University.

Shivpriya Singh, a law student of Banasthali Vidyapeeth said, “Independence is a quality which has different implications in the lives of women. Since we are living in a patriarchal society colored by the dominance of men over women, it is very difficult for women to live their lives as an independent person. Society leaves no stone unturned to make women dependent on their fathers, brothers, or husbands. Thus, making women independent is like empowering them with courage, faith, and trust. I am lucky enough to get the chance to be independent”.

“Being independent is the ability to make decisions for yourself and the power to stand for yourself and your rights. After shifting to Delhi, there were so many times when I fell ill. All this left a huge impact on my studies and obviously, on my health. Since I stay alone, I have learned how to take care of myself and others who are in need and that sums the definition of Independence for me in a more detailed way”, says Manisha Verma, a student of Gargi College who originally belongs to Azamgarh.

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Udisha Srivastav is a Freelance Content Writer with Femsay.com