Udisha Srivastav - 5 Things Women Must Never Forget To Embrace

We are in a society where accomplishing success and living the life of one’s choice as a woman is no less than pacing headlong into the fiery jaws of societal backlash, rejection, and disappointment. More so, this evasion of trust in our capabilities and potential doesn’t necessarily stem from the outside world. More often, it’s the dearest ones in our family who disapprove of our life decisions, choices, and ambitions. I’m sure this story is relatable for most women. Yet, we continue to dream and aspire. Here is a list of a few things that we must never let go of and embrace in our hearts.

Never Forget To Cherish Your Individuality and Identity

Even though it’s often difficult for people to digest this idea and fact, I repeat, women can’t be fit into one set of standards. Most of the time, women are expected to be a stereotypical version of what the patriarchal mindsets imagine them all to be and if not, they have turned into something but “women”. 

Well, let’s leave the societal part and say it to ourselves, “We are proud to be women and we all have our identities”. Nobody has any right to define us and what does, is our individuality and our uniqueness. 

Self-Love Is The Best Love

Don’t you think that women are conditioned in a certain way that they expected more to serve others rather than dreaming of a future of their own? What does our society tell us? It tells us that we should and must prioritize others over ourselves and we should love them, support them, stand up for them, and then expect them to shower their love on us.

Let me tell you a short-cut. It’s called self-love. You can love yourself and give yourself the best treatment anyone could ever give you. Support yourself, stand up for your dreams, be your best partner and soulmate, and your first and ever-lasting love. Ta da!

Don’t Let Go Of Your Confidence

Confidence, as Priyanka Chopra said, is a woman’s best accessory. If you are confident, you have the world in your control. It’s the most precious thing that women must never lose. You could be called bossy, dominating, overworked, or anything, but stay that way you are. In this world, to survive and to live the life you want, you seriously cannot afford to lose your confidence.

Find Solace In Your Choices and Achievements

It’s not very likely that your achievements and choices would be meted with a heartfelt gesture. There would be people who would disregard your choices, envy your achievements, and even try to bring you down. However, it’s your choices and achievements that have made you and who you are. Find solace in them.

Your Mistakes Didn’t Make You Miserable, Rather Strong

We are humans and no one is immune to making mistakes. In fact, our mistakes make us more experienced and learned than we were ever before. Do not fall into the enticing trap that your mistakes have made you miserable in any way, if anything they have made you more strong, opinionated, and informed. Don’t undermine how strong you are by letting people tell you that you are miserable or vulnerable. You are who you are and if they could see that, you are stronger than them.

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Udisha Srivastav is a Freelance Content Writer with Femsay.com.