women trendy sunglasses 2021

Are you also the one who is always so fascinated with sunglasses and wanna have that splendorous collection of trendy sunglasses in your wardrobe? But, it’s always confusing which one to take home for your face cut. Not to worry anymore cause here, I have an amazing collection of trendy sunglasses that are celebrity love too for this season and are perfect for almost everyone out there to consider. And you never know, maybe these series continue to trend for the next seasons as well. But you will already be handy with one for yourself.

Below, have a look at these 10 trendy pairs of sunglasses, spot the perfect match for you and remember to look for those the next time you visit the store. 

  1. Mirrored lens Sunglasses – The classy and stylish mirrored lens frames will make you shine like the sun in the sky. Mirrored sunglasses are one of the major summer trends to pull your looks together in an effortlessly chic way like a style icon. The demand for this series never cools down as people will never get tired of pursuing its fashion.
  1. Aviator Sunglasses – An eternal classic and flattering unisex option as compared to other series, aviator sunglasses are still a very popular fashion trend. The creativity of lens colors will become a fashion among young people in 2021, such as translucent colored lenses and mirrored lenses. 
  1. Skinny Fashion Sunglasses – From the ’50s to ’90s, these slim-fashion sunglasses made a comeback in 2019. Its tiny, impractical style has always developed debates around it. Many would think this retro-style series doesn’t offer sun/UV protection due to its narrowed lenses. But its high-fashion statement lets no one resist pursuing its fashion and elegance at all. Cat-eye shapes would be perfect for you ladies!
  1. Embellished Sunglasses – Wanna make a statement? Befriend embellished sunglasses. This style is more of decorative articles and usually more exaggerated in design with the added pretty diamante and floral detail. Some sparkling blingy round frames, and voila! you don’t even need any other accessories.
  1. Oversized Extra Large Sunglasses – Rock these retro-vintage glasses withsquare and rectangular framesThese oversized extra-large sunglasses have given all the reasons to exist in the 2020 fashion trend and retain their place in 2021. These practical and trendy frames were much popular in 2020 due to their simplicity and visually striking.
  1. Cat-Eye Sunglasses – Reserved for the chics, these cat-eye sunglasses have been much popular among the women group over the years. This series adds a touch of retro-vintage glamour to your look and perfectly elongates the face, and emphasizes the cheekbones.
  1. White Sunglasses – This neutral color series can totally rock! White frames have been trending in the market as the demand for white plastic-framed sunglasses is on the rise.
  1. Round designer – Another retro-style series, round sunglasses have been in full swing this year. They take your style straight back to the 70s giving you a more contemporary look. Nearly 70-80% of all retro round frame sunglasses are unisex making them a perfect addition to your accessory list.
  1. Browline Sunglasses – Geometric browline sunglasses are very cool and very much popular in recent years. It is also a stylish accessory with its UV protection feature that absolutely makes you the hotspot out of the street.
  1. Color tinted Sunglasses – One of the biggest sunglasses trends that keep burning today is the tinted glasses lenses. This series gives you a rainbow of pastel color options for the lenses. Choose from sunglass lens colors that range fromlight blue and sunshine yellow to pink and burnt orange. While super cool, these glasses don’t offer much UV protection. Instead, think of them as an accessory that will add oomph to any of your spring outfits.

Lakshika Thakur is a freelance content writer with femsay.com. She can be found on Instagram.