Handbags for women

Women bag? Just an item? No, it’s a lot more than that. A woman’s bag is an emotion, a friend to her that one calls upon in times of need, especially while traveling. It is as essential for her as the essentials she packs in it with her. But, But, But! Considering our fondness for our bags also arouses our confusion and scrappy knowledge of choosing the right pick for the right purpose and occasions. And very well relating to your dilemma, here I am to shoot up your knowledge for the world of Bagwatis.

1. Tote Bag

First in the row is a Tote bag that every woman needs to have. A reliable tote bag provides ample storage space and is also super-comfortable to carry around. It’s an extremely versatile bag to invest in, perfect for any occasion. 

2. Satchel Bag

Nothing looks more work-appropriate than a sturdy Satchel bag. It is professional, practical, sleek, and perfect for working women. They hit the sweet spot between being an everyday handbag and a laptop bag. 

3. Shoulder Bag

One of the most basic essential bag to fit in every woman’s closet comes with all the trimmings of a generic handbag to seal it shut. Easy to hold, it can go over the shoulder, in your hand, or clutch for a night out.

4. Cross-body Bag

A cross-body bag is an absolute must-have accessory with its hands-free appeal especially for semi-casual events like an understated lunch date or a house party. You’ll usually get one in a size straddling small and medium.

5. Wallet

A wallet, or a purse, is an essential part of a girl’s handbag; and yeah, also quite personal to each of us. You can make quite a statement with this, so pick up something accordingly.

6. Hobo Bag

Made with a soft, elastic material, a hobo bag is a shoulder style bag, typically large with a slouched body in a crescent shape. It ordinarily has a long strap to be worn over the shoulder. Sealed with a singular zipper, it has a spacious compartment and is named after the bindles traditionally carried by homeless people on a stick. 

7. Sling Bag

The sling bag/cross-body bag is functional, comfortable, and stylish. Perfect for shopping, running errands, and traveling, it is just perfect being with kids! And these are functional, chic, and everyday essentials available in all sizes.

8. Minaudière

While a minaudière is certainly a handbag for women, it is treated as a piece of jewelry. It’s a clutch encrusted with colored stones, gems, pearls, etc., and oozes grandeur. They are meant to be sported to a special event, cocktail party, wedding, or an evening party.

9. Clutch

The clutch or ‘A Day Clutch’ is simply a handy, classy, elegant, and pure sophisticated piece that elevates dressier occasions. There’s a staggering variety of silhouettes, forms, and designs in this category for women. Every girl needs a clutch for sure!

10. Backpack

One in the size and fit of a typical handbag, the backpack has gained prominence in recent times. A backpack purse is great for a weekend away and sophisticated enough for your 9-to-5. Lately, backpack purses are available in leather and canvas, with gold zippers, tassels, or metallic studs. 

So, gals, enjoy flaunting the right catch for your match.

Lakshika Thakur is a freelance content writer with the femsay.com.  She can be found on Instagram.