pubic hair

Skivvies? Pubic hair? Pubic hair removal? Shh..! Don’t talk so loud. Ugh! well, ladies, please do talk about it and be as much forthcoming to discuss your skivvies as you can. After all, it’s you who should be well aware of your body during all these extremely natural and inevitable occurrences of life. Specifically, during puberty or adolescent age, we all deal with numerous body changes and repercussions, so before you get confused or pull it off not so well. Let me help you comb your confusions, myths, unreliable beliefs, and what not?

Looking at them, we all think to either trim pubic hair or go completely bare. So, what exactly are the reasons for us to even develop the thought of hair removal down there when pubic hair is ‘hygienic’? Are you astonished? Well, before talking of reasons behind us wanting to shave our pubes, let’s know something more and quick about them.

As already mentioned, with puberty comes pubic hair which is possibly the most shocking part of puberty besides getting your period. Where the heck did all this hair come from? Do I need to shave it off? Why is it that color? etc.

As per some healthcare professionals and researchers, pubic hair is kind of an enigma, though it serves as a carrier of pheromones or scents that can subliminally attract others.

73% of guys and 55.6 percent of girls favor hair removal before sex or oral sex. 59% of women groomed their pubes because they thought it would make their vagina “cleaner” or “more hygienic” but it isn’t even unhygienic if you go otherwise.

As with most things we have on the body, pubes does have a purpose. Pubic hair acts like our vagina’s eyelashes or brows in a way that protects against potentially harmful bacteria and dirt entering the body. It also acts as a barrier between the sensitive skin down there and friction-causing activities like sex.

Pubic hair is also referred to as a “dry lubricant” as it’s easier to rub the hair against hair than it is to rub skin against skin. Pubes may also keep the genitals warm, which is important in sexual arousal. And the regular act of shaving can lead to skin irritation and damage.

With several reasons behind people wanting to get rid of their pubes might also come some risks associated with it like injuries(which women are more prone to), cuts, infections, STI’s, boils. But, if still, your preference is to go bare or trim, you can always follow some safe ways to risk down injuries. Always wash yourself beforehand, disinfect your razor blade or scissors, and change blades often, use a handheld mirror, keep skin moist and lathered, proceed in the direction of your hair growth, moisturize after your shave or wax, avoid tight clothes or underwear for a few days after & exfoliate regularly using a gentle loofah or scrub.

However, if you opt for waxing, that is probably best done by a professional since hot wax can cause burns.

So, what you do with yours is up to you but as you’re getting acquainted with your bush, you should become friends and learn to live with one another.

Lakshika Thakur is a freelance content writer with She can be found on Instagram.