sex positions

SEX! everyone will agree is surely something extremely pleasurable. But as I am speaking of Sex, I know, already numerous questions must have come across your mind similar to mine. Will she/he reach orgasm too quickly? Will he/she be disappointed? Which position will work best? Won’t it get boring? Should I switch to another position? and what not? Uff.. the questions are endless. But what is inevitable about sex is getting into a sex routine in a relationship. 

Also, contrary to this, Sex isn’t necessarily one of those things that’ll always be the same way. What we like, we like. But the same old stuff can’t charm us every time or for longer. So, to resist that boredom, trying a new sex position can’t be any better. And if you are a newbie in having sex, a plethora of questions and confusion about the first time quite obviously gives you an adrenaline rush.

So, the easiest way to get all this confusion covered, one can always experiment with kinky and fetish moments. And trying for slight variations and experimenting with new sex positions keeping in mind your and your partner’s comfort is all that matters. Whether you’re a newbie or trying to revisit your bedroom boredom cutting strategy, always make sure, sex is paving the way to your comfort, satisfaction, and pleasure and none “ouch” moments. 

So before you begin, prep up with some lubrication and you are good to go to boost your bedroom fun.

  1. Grinding but Sizzling Missionary- No matter how old and easiest this sex position is, you can always create a new experience with this. Besides, most men know how to do this.
  1. Cowgirl- If this is new to you, try putting your legs in different positions to see which is the most comfortable for you. Giving up some control can really help you. 
  1. Spooning- This could be a great position to try in the morning. Your man being the big spoon, you the little spoon. But you could be a big or little spoon if you’re having penetrative sex with fingers. The short strokes available in this position target her G-spot, making it a great one for her.
  1. Sitting on pillow top- This includes placing a pillow underneath your pelvis. This fantastic position offers to control the depth of penetration, intimacy, and the option to thrust fast or slow.
  1. Lean into me- Lean against a wall or a table. Face each other and one partner hooks their leg around the other person’s leg for support. Stimulate each other, and create a comfortable rhythm by able to move your body closer or away.
  1. The duo-  This duo sensation can be dynamite. Pair your favorite position with self-pleasure by incorporating the way you like. If you’re used to self-stimulation, do just that while inviting your partner to touch your breasts or kiss you.
  1. Oral sex: The boycott- Boycott painful penetration for a while and give a try to middle schooler’s favorite number, the 69 positions. This works for both giving and receiving. Go on your back and have your partner’s mouth face your genitals and vice versa. 
  1. Laying on the edge of the bed- What’s good about this different twist on missionary and the legs above the shoulders position is that your partner is firmly planted on the ground, so they’re able to thrust deeper and more controlled whether faster or slower.

Lakshika Thakur is a freelance content writer with She can be found on Instagram.