Have you also started your 2021 with the motto “New Year, New Me” just like each one of us? Well, if the year is new, your motivation is new then why not adopt new fitness trends of the year that will ensure that “New Year, New Me” is not just a motto but your reality.
Here are few fitness trends of 2021 that we totally approve:

  • Rapid-Fire Workouts: With attention spans and work schedules continually extended, it is not shocking that people continue to want micro-HIIT workouts, a fast burst of high intensity interval training that can range from three minutes to 20 minutes. During HIIT, the healthy stress your body undergoes causes autophagy, which eliminates cellular debris from your body and stimulates the development of stem cells, the main regenerative cells in the body. The more stem cells you have, the more super autophagy you can induce.
  • Walk, Walk and Walk: Although at-home exercises may have seen a rise in popularity, walking and hiking in the great outdoors have also increased. Whether it was a socially distant catch-up with a friend in the park or a longer, backpack-accessorized ramble through the countryside, for many of us, weekends without social plans contributed to frequent walks around our local areas.
  • Tech that you can wear: Wearable tech has never been more popular than in 2020, whether you use it to monitor your steps and heart rate or how many kilocalories you have burned and stair flights climbed. The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to wearable technology is health monitoring watches and you can be sure that everybody will be watching out for the new launches.
  • Home Workouts: Due to the coronavirus, though gyms remain closed, some of our favourites are still available online. For our emotional and physical wellbeing this year, online classes have been a lifeline. The quality and output performance of online classes has also significantly improved, so it is a much more enjoyable experience to work out at home.
  • Face Yoga: Face yoga has many physical benefits, which is why facial exercises for individuals suffering from facial paralysis are frequently recommended in treatment plans. Face exercises are expected to help with health problems such as neck pain, headaches, etc. by training the face, mouth, tongue, and neck to align properly. In addition, a study published last year showed that facial exercises can also enhance your mental health.

Kritika is a freelance content writer with Femsay.com