Yoga is known by most people to be something that helps relax the mind, but there is more to it than you think. Yoga will help you lose weight and keep in shape if it is performed with diligence and discipline. Although it is true that yoga burns fewer calories compared to high intensity workouts, some of the yoga flows will make you sweat like no other exercise when performed at a moderate to high speed.

Yoga poses also include beneficial breathing exercises that serve to correct your metabolism, control blood flow, and rejuvenate your functioning. Yoga also helps to alleviate stress, along with weight loss, which is one of the key causes of weight gain. It leaves you feeling relaxed, new and concentrated when you practice regularly. Yoga brings peace to your mind, body and breath, thus removing tension from your life.


Also known as The Cobra pose, it’s more like the posture of a snake. It’s great to reduce the fat in your upper body and abdominal muscles. Not recommended to pregnant women.

How to do it-

  1. Lie down the mat, with the legs flat on the floor and the hands down on either side.
  2. Push the floor with both hands to make sure the fingers are just below the shoulder muscles.
  3. Take your shoulders slowly, slightly backwards.
  4. Give attention to the abs and bend back towards the spine with the belly button.
  5. Keep your elbows, hips, and feet firmly on the floor, raise up your upper body, keep your head upward.
  6. Hold it for 4-5 full breaths.
  7. Lift yourself higher with each exhalation.


For many health conditions, the ultimate Triangle pose is a highly effective yoga pose. Even if it does not lead directly to your weight loss. It increases digestion and therefore lowers fat deposits in the abdomen, making it the best yoga to decrease belly fat. It also requires muscles that reduce the fat that is born.

How to do it-

  1. Stand upright with your hands overhead.
  2. Widen your legs to the side now.
  3. With your hand touching the same legs, stretch down. Like a triangle
  4. The upper hand along with your eyes should be straight facing the ceiling.
  5. Keep the pose for approximately 5-6 seconds
  6. Go back now and do it on the other side.


This yoga pose, also known as boat pose, is a body-wide exercise that tears your heart and strengthens muscle strength. Strengthens muscles and stimulates metabolism. It burns more calories and encourages weight loss.

How to do it-

  1. Sit straight on the yoga mat with extended legs.
  2. Then bent the knees.
  3. Pick your feet away from the floor, as if the shin was parallel to the floor.
  4. To stretch your hands parallel to the floor
  5. Keep your pose for about 30 seconds.
  6. Release now and repeat it 5 times.


This intense pose gives your entire back deep stretches from the heels to the waist. It also ensures stress management, thus managing the stress eating habits and leading to weight loss.

How to do it-

  1. Sit straight on the mat with your legs straight.
  2. Take your arms straight to either side, then slowly over your head.
  3. Inhale and straighten your back.
  4. When you exhale, lean over and attempt to touch your legs with your fingertips.
  5. On each inhale, lengthen your spine and deepen to your forward bend. You become a pro until you keep your legs fully bending forward.


This is a popular yoga pose designed to reduce stomach fat. There are about 12 poses that tones all over the body. This single yoga pose also includes a variety of other poses. The step-by-step process for refreshing Suryanamaskara is as mentioned below for beginners.

How to do it-

  1. Standing straight on your legs
  2. Deeply inhale and raise your arms overhead
  3. Forward bend and exhale out
  4. Jump your feet back to the posture of the plank now.
  5. Keep it for 5 full breaths or so.
  6. Then lower your knees and put your lower body on the floor.
  7. Stretch your legs and keep your hands under your shoulders.
  8. Inhale now halfway to the cobra pose to turn in.
  9. By exhaling, turn to the downward dog facing pose.
  10. Keep it for five breaths
  11. Jump up to your knees on top of the floor and bend while exhaling.
  12. Inhale your arms and raise them overhead.
  13. Exhale and relax.

That’s quite a couple of moves. But as a novice, strive to practice it one by one, and as a pro, burn it out with a thorough practice.

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