Only makeup brushes

Honestly, being a girl still, it’s never been easy for me to pick/choose or use the makeup brushes from among the sheer volume of options flooding the market. Does the same happen with you as well? Do you also find it confusing to pick that perfect brush out of the plethora of options and later navigate it without an intimidating look? Well, I know right, choosing and leveraging their size, shape, and bristle density is another challenging task for the unversed like us.

There’s a brush for every other application imaginable, most of which are even beyond attempting without a makeup artist. And all of these can’t even fit in our easy-to-carry and compact makeup kit and are superbly complex to use in the hurry hour. But this can resolve by narrowing down our options to some selective and extremely important or must-have brushes in your makeup kit that doesn’t even let you think twice before using them all on your own.

  1. Eye Shadow/Eye Blending Brush – You can go for a soft, flat eye shadow brush that will do you good. It is best for applying shadow exactly where and how you want, for blending well and packing shadow into the lid. It is also easier to control and make for a sloppier application in comparison to a wider brush.
  1. Blush Brush – A perfectly round shaped, small, and soft blush brush is a must-have as it allows the product to give the best glow to the cheekbone. It gives a seamless application of product onto the apples of the cheeks.
  1. Highlighter Brush – Highlighter serves as the icing on the cake for any OOTD. And for a strategic task of getting the right amount of shine-enhancing pigments in the right areas of your face, either opt for a long, tapered brush or a fan-shaped brush. This brush will pack the highlighter in a pigmented punch at the areas of your face that catch the light. The fanned-out long or dense bristles deliver a precise stroke along with the nose, forehead, and brows.
  1. Concealer Brush – A flat, angled synthetic concealer brush helps to apply cream and liquid concealers in hard-to-reach places like where’s discoloration or darkness (under the eyes, over pimples, and on the sides of the nose) more precisely than with your fingers. It gives a perfectly blended finish to the face.
  1. Powder brush – Setting your face with a loose powder is a must for an airbrushed finish to your makeup. A small powder brush helps you to evenly dust product over the common victims of mid-day shine—the T-zone, temples, and chin, and optically blur out any imperfections or unevenness and not looking matte everywhere.
  1. Eyebrow Brush – A flat, blunt brush with angled bristles is perfect for beginners especially. It helps you draw individual brow hairs using brow gel or powder. The brows frame the face, and a little tweak goes a long way. The stiff bristles of the eyebrow brush helps create a perfect brow arch.

Lakshika Thakur is a freelance content writer with She can be found on Instagram.