It can be so tempting to get wrapped up in all the things the baby wants while planning for motherhood. From tiny onesies and hats to diapers and bottles, to larger items like a car seat and a crib and it’s merely starting of a ling long eventful journey.
A baby needs its mom as much as a mom needs to prepare. So, don’t get overwhelmed or lose your calm because you can do this.
To some women, pregnancy comes as a surprise. For some, it is a consequence of preparation and waiting a lot. Here’s what you should do before bringing your little bundle of joy into this world.

  • Take a Parenting Class: For first-time parents and a helpful refresher, childbirth education courses are a perfect idea for all those who have already undergone birth and parenting. These special courses teach you the skills to make a healthy, happy pregnancy and birth easier. For expectant parents, most hospitals provide courses, but they most only cover details about medical procedures and what to expect. You may want to consider additional options to ensure that you get the full range of knowledge you need to make educated choices during pregnancy and birth. A good class should give you an overview of your options and be realistic about the kind of experience you might have. It should study the labour stages and teach you skills in pain control and breathing techniques. And it should include any imaginable situation, “not just what the hospital offers.” Most of all, your own philosophies and expectations should be reflected by the class.
  • Write your Birth Plan: When you are in labor and giving birth, a birth plan is a written statement of your wishes and what is important to you. A birth plan outlines the experience you want to have, and how you want support or assistance from those who care for you. It may provide an overview of your desired labor and delivery, as well as things such as your choice of birthing partner, including family and sibling involvement, pain relief preferences, medical procedures, as well as treatment immediately after your birth.
  • Caring for yourself: Pregnancy is an excellent time to make yourself a priority. It is crucial to create healthy habits to ensure the best health for you and your developing child. Pregnancy is a time for healthy eating, drinking plenty of water, exercising regularly, and having plenty of rest, cultivating a new life and planning for the birth marathon. You should emotionally brace yourself for labor, birth, and new motherhood as well. Read or watch stuff about birth that make you feel optimistic.
  • Easing your transition to motherhood: A calm, gentle time to get to know this new person who has come to live in your home may be the first months at home after your baby is born. But it isn’t all quiet or sweet for most women instead it is a really difficult time for some women. In order to ease transitioning process, you can, for at least 2 weeks after birth, get someone (partner, parent, spouse, doula) to take care of you and your other children. In the event your child arrives sooner or later than anticipated, you may need to have contingency arrangements for treatment. Consider preparing meals ahead of time for later use and freezing them and Familiarize yourself in advance with options for breastfeeding.

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