essentials for women bag

What’s there inside that bag? What’s so secretive inside your bag? Haha..! Well, ladies, we all are aware of how few of these questions every time come across the mind of the guy gang, and keeping a few things hidden and secretive is fun. I know even you would agree to every word told. Isn’t it? 

Well, well, well, so for a few things, not letting that cat out of the bag forever, and cutting down on the clutter, let’s have a sneak-peek of the essentials that every girl must pack in her bag. After all, a bag is a woman’s friend one calls upon in times of need, especially while on travel. 

  • Sanitary pads/tampons

Well, first things first, you should always carry a sanitary napkin/tampon in your bag because you never know when mother nature comes knocking on your V door & bug you or who knows, some other chick might need it. 

  • Water bottle

Keeping your body hydrated should always be one of the priorities on your list. So, for that, carry a bottle in your handbag and drink up.

  • Tissues/wipes

A small pack of tissues/wipes can be useful for multiple purposes. Especially when you’re traveling and your makeup starts melting out with that sweat all over or you are lacking time/bandwidth to wash your face after a long day, well, you are prepared.

  • Scrunchies/Hair Ties

Because somehow these little meanies always get lost and you’re left with sweaty and frizzy hair blowing all over your face by the time you reach your workplace. So carry as many scrunchies as you can! The cuter, the better!

  • Lip balm

As your skin and body need to be protected and kept hydrated so as your lips need nourishment too. Especially in winters, it’s very essential to carry a lip balm that takes care of your dry chapped lips giving them a healthy plump. Get one that’s a bit tinted for those effortless rosy and glossier lips.

  • Sanitizer

Hygiene first! Considering that we touch numerous things knowing and unknowingly, a hand sanitizer is a must! You really don’t want to eat without cleaning your hands and sometimes when soap and water are not options.

  • Perfume/pocket deodorant

Even you won’t deny as it’s been said a lot that a person’s personality the way they smell. Perfumes and body mist are not just part of your accessory but it is a sense of memory that you leave throughout a day. So, to avoid smelling like a fish at the dinner lined up after a long working day because you had no perfume in your bag to your rescue, always carry your beloved fragrance in your bag. & keep up the motto of ‘Smell fruity and fresh, always!” up.

  • Phone charger

 In a 21st Century tech-savvy world, there is no chance that you can ever forget to carry your smartphone & laptop’s best buddies-chargers along. Kunki agar Mummy ka phone nahi uthaya, toh vaaat! So don’t skip your charger and carry it along girls.

  • Pepper spray

Last, but definitely not least, safety first. If you walk a lot while traveling no matter it’s a day or night, pepper sprays are easy to carry and easy to use in emergencies. Plus, if you know you’re carrying a safety kit along, you already feel protected and kick ass!

Lakshika Thakur is a freelance content writer with the  She can be found on Instagram.