It is the rule of the universe that our five fingers are never the same. When it comes to our breasts, the same law applies. Just like you have your hourglass, apple, pear body forms, our breasts are very different from each other, too.
Basically, that means that not all can have the same kind of breasts or shape. This also means that not every woman will wear bra styles that are the same. It is no longer all about getting the cup and band size right to find the correct styles of bra, it goes well beyond that. For each one of you, there are various types of bras.

Round Bust: Full, uniformly rounded breasts

Is it your sort of bust? You’re one of the lucky ones, then! This type of breast is perfectly rounded, supple, and at the top of the breast its volume is the same as at the bottom. It is child’s play to pick a bra for this sort of bust, since it requires very little help or shaping. A molded underwire cup bra, a sexy triangle bra or a supportive soft bra can be chosen.

Asymmetrical Bust: Breasts of varying sizes

There’s some asymmetry in every woman’s breasts and that’s perfectly natural. The disparity in size for most women is scarcely visible. However, others have a noticeable difference, which in terms of cup size can be troublesome. You can use some easy tricks and pick the correct bra to visually balance things out, as long as the difference in size does not cause any health concerns. Bras with interchangeable cups, T-shirt bras, push-up bras, and bras with molded cups are perfect for an asymmetric bust.

Athletic Bust: A wider, muscular breast that has less soft tissue

One of the less rounded shapes is this sort of bust and it is usually located on a V-shaped torso. Usually, the athletic bust has a greater measurement of the under-bust and a smaller cup. Women with this breast shape usually long for a breast and cleavage that is physically larger and plumper. With a push-up bra or molded cup bra, these are readily accomplished. The balconette bra is also a great option for this form of bust, since the straps are angled towards the sides and the incorporated half-cups help lift and shape the breast tissue for a perfect cleavage.

East-West Bust: The nipples are placed off-center, pointing out.

Here, the breasts are placed to the sides, and the nipples stick out to the left and the right. In this situation, the role of the bra is to pull the breasts back together towards the center. It is also necessary to choose a bra with no seams on the sides that could jam or even hurt the sensitive nipples. Therefore, a woman with an East-West bust should select a comfortable T-shirt bra or a molded cup bra. Integrated side support not only stops the breast from spilling to the sides, but also gently moves the breasts towards the center for a perfect cleavage.

Side set Bust: A much greater volume on the sides

Do you have breasts set relatively large with a substantial distance between them? This is your breast form, then. Your breasts appear to be rounder and bulkier on the sides, somewhat similar to the east-west bust, but unlike an east-west pair, they are much fuller and the nipples are more central. In order to create a décolleté, select an underwire bra with good support that gently forms and pushes your breasts together. For you, a great choice for a sexy evening outfit is a balconette bra with a décolleté and push-up effect.

Slender Bust: Slender, long breasts with low nipples

Typically, the narrow breast has its nipples located a little lower and at the top the breasts are broader, becoming narrower at the bottom. Weak tissue is often complained about by women with this form of breast. A slender bust also means a smaller cup size, and raising and supporting the breast is necessary. For added form, choose a sexy push-up bra, an elegant balconette bra or a bra with molded cups.

Tear-drop Bust: Full, round breast to the bottom, centered nipples.

Much like a drop of water, this very symmetrical looking bust has the breasts become fuller towards the bottom. For women with big cup sizes, this is a very common bust form. When it comes to buying a bra, it is also a fairly uncomplicated bust. Underwire bras not only provide the help this bust needs with or without a cup, but also produce a stunning cleavage.

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