With their famous fondness for the swan, the British Royal family doesn’t eat like the rest of us. When former chef Darren McGrady exposed some of the more bizarre dining habits of the Windsors, the public was given greater insight than ever last year. Here is a little insight to food habits of the great Queen Elizabeth II:

According to many interviews with former royal chef Darren McCready, the Queen is really careful with her everyday menus. She always has four small meals a day, and if she eats at home and not at a public function, they’re really simple, balanced dishes with lots of vegetables.
Here is what she eats in a day:

Tea – The Queen starts every day with a cup of strong Earl Grey tea with no milk or sugar.

Breakfast- Breakfast for The Queen is unexpectedly ordinary. She typically has fresh berries with cereal, preferably the ones from her holiday palace. Reportedly, Special K is her favorite cereal for breakfast. She likes scrambled eggs with smoked salmon as well. Since she thinks brown eggs taste better than white ones, her eggs are always brown.

Pre-Lunch Cocktail- Before lunch, The Queen likes gin and Dubonnet cocktail.

Lunch- Lunch, like grilled fish or chicken with vegetables, is something basic. The Queen doesn’t eat starches on a regular day at home, so there’s never any pasta, rice, or potatoes. The Queen has a glass of Champagne at lunch, a glass of Champagne at dinner and a third glass of Champagne at the end of the evening.

Afternoon Tea- Afternoon tea from the Queen is properly fancy. She’s still got two kinds of sandwiches and a selection of sweet choices. Eggs with mayonnaise, smoked salmon, tuna, cucumber, and ham with mustard are allegedly her favorite sandwich fillings. They always cut the crusts off. She’s got scones, too, jam pennies, or a little cake. Her favorite cake is a chocolate biscuit cake that she enjoys so much that she even travels with it. Prince William is a fan too, and at his wedding he had the same chocolate cake as the groom’s cake. As good as the Queen’s diet is, she’s known to have a big sweet tooth and she really likes chocolate.

Dinner- Like lunch, dinner is simple: meat and vegetables. In particular, the Queen likes fish and game, like pheasant or venison. McCready says one of her favorite meals is Dover’s sole with spinach and zucchini. She also enjoys a traditional roast dinner with Yorkshire puddings on Sundays.

Kritika is a freelance content writer with Femsay.com