What’s awesome about long hair is that it’s so dynamic. With it, you can almost do anything you want, create any style for any occasion! We all have been to that point where we woke up with no time at all to even run a comb through your hair and you need to reach somewhere super soon or maybe you just don’t want your hair to be part of a wrestling match. Don’t sweat, just try one of these crazy-fast hairstyles, and in no time, you’ll be done with beautiful look.For obvious reasons it’s going to take a bit of practice to perfect these looks but in just a few simple steps, you can quickly transform your frizzy, or bedhead hair into a non-basic beauty look.

  • Braided flower crown: This one is as girly as it gets when it comes to feminine hairstyles. I mean, who wouldn’t love to have the look of roses on their hair, right? Again, this is a hairstyle that looks like it will take ages to perfect, but only some simple braiding and pinning is actually required.
  • Half top bun with open hair: While for young women out there, the top knots and crown ponies have become very famous and popular in the last decade, we have another version with its unique looks and features in the same way. The top half of the bun looks down on the other half of the hair which is open. It doesn’t take time at all and makes anyone who tries this look cute and stunning, effortlessly.
  • Dutch braid: Have you ever come across the Dutch form of braiding? Such a dynamic and elegant braiding style across the globe must not be skipped. The specialty of the Dutch braid is that, by taking pieces of hair from all sides, it starts right from the crown region and goes down to the tail. It looks a little puffier and is one of the most trendy looks we’ve come across. This look should not be missed by women who enjoy feminine, girlish and classic looks.
  • Messy Bun: A new style is Messy. All the young women out there are frequently spotted having this as their signature hairstyle, one cannot hide from this new, contemporary and sought-after hairstyle. It is very easy to do, and with its messy appearance, the bun is what makes it appear outstanding.
  • Double knot bun with half open hair: Among kids, double ponies and double knot hairstyles are very common. Today, however, we also spot young women trying them out with confidence. To build a lovely knot pony on both sides of the crown, the half hair segment is taken above and split from in between. The remaining half of the hair goes down easily. This is one of the most unusual and distinctive hair looks that we have seen in recent days.

Kritika is a freelance content writer with Femsay.com